Chapada Diamantina – Trekking in the wild Nordeste pt. 1

The promise of truly spectacular scenery and hiking opportunities made us disembarque the bus in Lençois at 5 in the morning. The only ones awake in this sleepy village are we and some locals having a better Saturday night than we just had. When they too decide to call it a night this leaves us … More Chapada Diamantina – Trekking in the wild Nordeste pt. 1


Salvador, the most important city of the Portuguese colonial empire, such lively and colorful place where African rhythms still fuel life in the streets for the many descendants of slaves from bygone times. Even though both of us were excited to head into the wild in Chapada Diamantina National Park, Salvador turned out to be … More Salvador


Wonderful sunsets, dusty alleys without traffic, a surfer’s paradise populated by a dreamy crowd. According to the guidebooks, Jericoacoara would be the place for us to unwind and start our journey South. … More Jericoacoara